l. Practice within the standard of care as viewed by the American Academy of Pediatrics.

2. Treat each family with dignity, respect, kindness and courtesy regardless of their social, racial or religious background.

3. Have a smoothly functioning practice in which staff and physicians work diligently in a spirit of harmony and cooperation. The pace should be efficient without creating an air of hurry and confusion.

4. Have highly qualified personnel who are interested, in their work and the care of our patients.

5. Immunize more than 90% of our patients prior to their second birthday.

6. Identify problems in growth and development early in order to provide appropriate intervention.

7. Provide compassionate care to Kids and Teens with Chronic Diseases and or Behavioral Problems.

8. Provide Adolescent Care in accordance to guidelines of the Society of Adolescent Medicine including Abstinence Counseling when appropriate.

9. Fair monetary return for our efforts and investment.

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